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The Top 5 Reasons to Have a Magic Mirror at Your Next Event!

You have a major event coming up. Maybe it’s a wedding, milestone birthday, or even a corporate event.

You’ve spent countless hours putting together the food, the cocktails, and the décor. But have you thought about who will be there to capture all the fun and magic of your event? That’s where the Magic Mirror photo booth comes in. Make your event memorable and be able to look back on the beautiful and even silly photos for years to come. Today, we are going to take a look at the top 5 reasons you need a magic mirror photo booth at your next event.


1. High Quality Photos

Let’s start with the most important feature of the Magic Mirror photo booth. Quality pictures!

There are numerous companies that offer photo booth rentals and a lot of them use tablets to take their photos. This results in a lower quality image and your guests are much less likely to hold on to their photos. At PhotoStars, we use a professional DSLR camera so you get a high-quality image every time. Even better? The beauty of the Magic Mirror is the length! Not like your typical photo booth, we offer full-length photos so you can see your wardrobe and get a stellar, red-carpet inspired shot.

2. Variety of Backdrops

What makes a photo really pop? The background!

Forget boring and stale backdrops of the past. PhotoStars offers a variety of gorgeous, sequined backdrops to elevate your images. Choose from traditional black and white to rose gold to turquoise and more. Can’t choose which sequined backdrop you want? If you book PhotoStars for 3 hours or more, you automatically get access to our numerous tension backdrops that come in a variety of styles and colors.

3. Unlimited Photos

It’s no fun if your guests can’t have the photos they want.

Did you know many photo booth rental companies only allow two copies per picture taken? What if there are four people in the photo? Or more? At PhotoStars, we provide unlimited photos, regardless of how many you take. The Magic Mirror is fun for everyone and we don’t want to anyone to be left without a memorable photo to remember the evening.

4. Curated Props

Let’s face it. Everything is more fun with props. We make sure to provide curated props tailored to your event. Throwing a wedding? A bachelorette party? Birthday party? At PhotoStars, we have dozens of different props to cater to your event’s needs.

5. Custom Guest Books

Remember your special event for years to come with our signature guest books.

Have your guests take pictures and then place them in the book. They can write down their messages or wishes for you to read. We even will personalize them with your name and event title and date.

The Magic Mirror photo booth is a must-have for your next big event. Let us help capture the magic of your party and leave your guests with images they’ll hold onto forever.

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