The Wedding Checklist

Plan Your Wedding with PhotoStars!

Wedding planning is an experience that many new couples in the UK dread. They get worried that they’ll make mistakes or forget something important. With a complete wedding planning checklist, you can avoid that. A wedding planning checklist helps you breakdown your tasks into small manageable parts.

Not every wedding checklist will be the same. They differ according to the timeframe for your planning and your UK wedding theme. All good checklists, however, have a few things in common. So, you can use them as a base for your own checklist.

Below, we’ve put together a general checklist of sorts. It assumes that you have one year left to do your planning.


Brainstorm Ideas

Use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and all those big wedding websites you’ve heard about. The goal is to find ideas that represent exactly what you have in mind when it comes to your wedding.

Create Your Budget

You’ll also need to do some research here. Find out how much an average UK venue like the type you want costs. Also, do your research on how much you’ll need to spend on your other wedding details.

Make Your Guest List

Do you know who you’ll be inviting to your UK wedding yet? Couples usually have an idea of two or more people who they want to be there. Start with that when creating your list.

Book Your Venue

Please do your research on wedding venues within your budget range and take a tour of them. You want a venue that can accommodate all your guests without stress.

Hire Your Vendors

You’ll need a wedding planner, photographer, videographer, caterer, band/DJ, florist, celebrant, and more. It depends on the kind of wedding you have, as we said before.

Hire Your Magic Mirror/Photobooth

This is a vital part of your wedding entertainment. A Magic Mirror/Photobooth will serve as a conversation starter and even provide instant photo favours for your guests. It’s a great part of your wedding entertainment.


Send Out Save-The-Dates

It’s time to inform your guests that you’ll be needing them on that date. Sending these seven months before will give them enough time to make sure the day or weekend of your wedding is free.